Our firm believes the role of any Expert begins early in the process because  disputes supported by sound technology often settle without litigation.  If you must file suit however, make sure your Expert can support your legal team.  Can your Expert command R-E-S-P-E-C-T as your supporter and advocate?
Reputation  Expert opinions must be verifiable to be believable.  Proof may come from books or trade articles on the subject.
Experience in Litigation  If the Expert has  testified before, chances are they will be cool under the pressure of the courtroom.
Speaking Skills  Experience on the speaking or lecture circuit is a big plus! If the Expert is on the speaking circuit they are used to diverse audiences.  
Personality  The most effective Experts project expertise without putting people off.  At the same time they must be sure of themselves and be able to give a judge or jury a crash course on the topic in a way that gets results.
Experience in Writing  If the Expert is published they know how to organize a pattern of thoughts into coherent written conclusions.
Communications Skills An Expert must assimilate complex facts, draw lucid conclusions, and present them understandably to non-technical people.
Technical Savvy An Expert must obviously have extensive knowledge, training, and experience in the field in which he or she will testify.  
Leo and Sharon Wrobel enjoy a moment of levity in Beijing where Leo lectured for the Chinese Academy of Sciences.  Sharon is an author, practice partner, and a CERT Team trainer.  Leo and Sharon have been married for 37 years and have seven children.  As partners in business - and in life - Leo and Sharon sincerely invite you to consider our family owned practice and would welcome your email or call.
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