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You won’t find anyone better qualified to quantify losses, train employees or write your recovery plan. Google Leo A. Wrobel and see for yourself:
Having been through the DR process before, I knew there were too many details to leave up to my memory. This guide did help immensley in pointing out many of the small details. IT also provided me with the written reasoning to provide to the business units in justifying DR and why it is so costly and time consuming. Our DR strategy is well underway. I contribute much of business units cooperation to ideas I was able to convey because of the book.
                                    -  P M Solutions, Inc
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Few can boast the documented expertise of our firm.  We have published 12 books and over 1000 trade articles. Any of our 12 books can be customized into an on-site course.  Whether you are looking to sharpen technical skills or a law firm interested in useful CLE credit, why not learn from the best?
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"This book is an ideal reference for designing and implementing a top-notch  disaster recovery plan for advanced telecommunications....”  
               -Midwest Book Review
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“Presentation skills were very effective and no question was a ‘dumb’ question.”
“Good anecdotes and real life examples; Excellent.”
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“....a scholarly examination of how the vulnerabilities in modern-day infrastructure can best be protected from threats such as terrorism and natural disasters.
“...from hospitals to power grids to large business enterprises, "first alert" procedures, and much more.”
“... an absolute must-have for disaster recovery planners and experts, and anyone else responsible for planning for worst-case scenarios. Highly recommended. “
“Certainly the best overall resource for Business Resumption that I have found to date. This will be my "go to" manual during this entire planning process. “